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Alfen is conceptualized to quench the thirst for most functional and elegant architectural fenestrations. Decades of hardship leads us to engineer the best of what we do.

ALFEN is a brand name associated with bringing excellence and innovation in the field of aluminium architectural fenestrations. The company has emerged as a trendsetter with its products being certified for quality and reliability.

We deal in manufacturing and trading for high-end aluminium architectural designs, facilitating all the requirements from Aluminium Doors & Windows, railings, pergola, retractable roofs, ACP Cladding to Structural Glazing.

Why Alfen

The architectural brilliance which Alfen serves is undeniably the result of the company’s elongated and abiding experience in the Industry. The luster, the reliability and the eminence with which Alfen manufactures its products are unquestionably praise-worthy.

Alfen designs, invents, creates, assembles, and at last, manufactures the ideas of the customers and helps to attain architectural excellence like no other company can. The only goal the company follows is to bestow as much radiance as possible so utmost reliability can be achieved.




We envision delivering product excellence worldwide, setting new benchmarks in the field of Aluminium fenestrations.

Our robust system, engineers and experts lead us to satisfied clientele relationships.We value to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility and well-being of our employees.



Our mission is to go beyond the demand to suit every requisite and lead in aluminium architectural industry.

We work day and night to ensure delivering superior Aluminium fenestrations as well as help securing environmental aids through our eco-friendly and recyclable products. Our only goal is to derive as much satisfaction as possible from our employees and customers.

Planning & Designing

Alfen's architectural philosophy strikes on balance between function, efficiency, context and aesthetics. We believe that what looks good can work well, and what works well, endures. Design and technical issues are treated equally and represent the belief that ALFEN can transform problem-solving into Art.

Surface Finish

Coating holds a massive responsibility at Alfen. In terms of design and durability, our company remains supreme and unmatched. Our fenestrations are manufactured with World’s classiest coating glazed on them. Our foremost material is what gives our product extreme finishing and makes our company very renowned in the Architectural industry.


Capacity is important but it is only relevant if the fabricator has the manpower and labor force to put it to good use. Aluminum fabrication requires sophisticated techniques that only an experienced craftsman can perform. We are the oldest fabricator of this trade with all state of the art facility under one roof.


For each project, we act as the eyes and ears for the owner on the jobsite during installation. This close connection gives our clients a quality final product. We maintain excellent relationships with local contractors and work to cultivate a jobsite atmosphere of mutual respect and pride in a job well done.