Bi-folding Doors/Windows
Modern design and customer friendly

Sliding Folding and Windows are a new definition of aesthetic and functional excellence when it comes to fenestrations. Sliding and folding system upgrades the sliding system, where restricted opening was possible. The mechanism is designed to open, glide and fold the glass entirely to one side, thus providing a much extended space. On a fixed frame the sashes are installed with rollers for mobility. There are several possible options to choose from: direction of opening, folding (interior/exterior) and mobility (all/chosen ones) of sashes. Enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature with sliding folding windows.

Stylize your spaces with much revered Alfen Sliding Folding Windows. World-class systems and hardware with endless configurations, the company facilitates single to multiple tracks varying from sliding to fixed frames. Partial or a complete opening assists in ventilating and creating a transition, respectively. Toughened glasses with standard thermic insulation, quality hardware system with anti rust properties and discreetly set locks, an ideal replacement for age-old walls.



  • Sliding Folding Premium Series to upload heights upto 3000mm
  • Minimum space taken when folded
  • Hassle-free installation and smooth operation.
  • Heavy-duty withstanding high wind load conditions.
  • Proper insulation against dust, water, heat and noise pollution.
  • Glass thickness from 6mm to 25mm.
  • Added security with internal glazing.
  • Multiple and single point locking systems for glass shutters
  • Available in Plain solid colors, metallic colors, wood Finish and special finishes